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Real Estate Matchmaking, Made for Belgium

The first step to selling or buying a home begins here.

Belgium's first exclusive network seamlessly connecting property owners with qualified buyers and tenants. - main cover
Who is for?

Buyers, tenants, sellers, and renters - this concerns you!

Buyer / Tenant

Join our exclusive network to become a qualified candidate for property owners and real estate professionals. Gain early access to properties and stay ahead of the market!

Property Owner

Showcase your property to qualified buyers/tenants who pay for access to an exclusive network. Leverage early interest from highly suitable candidates and increase your chances of a successful transaction.

Real Estate Professionnal

Show your listings to qualified candidates who pay to access an exclusive network. Expand your reach beyond your current customers and let our automations handle the rest.
Looking to sell/rent your property?

Find qualified buyers/tenants for free

Why do you need

List your property for free and deal directly, no third-party involved.
Contact the most suitable candidates who pay for access to an exclusive network.
Test the market, adjust your price, no negative repercussions.
Contact your first leads within minutes!
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Do you have friends searching for a home?

Share around you and help grow this exclusive network!

Looking to buy/rent a property?

Join an exclusive network of qualified candidates

Why do you need

Access exclusive and off-market properties.
Grab owners' attention with your profile and qualifications.
Negotiate directly, no third-party involved!
Enjoy free access until December 31, 2023
how does it work?

Real Estate Matchmaking


Define your dream home

Set your search criteria, optimize your candidate profile to be contacted first by owners, and be ready to visit properties before anyone else!

List your property

Enter the details of your property and select who to contact first among the most suitable and interested buyers/tenants.

Find your perfect match

Use our compatibility scores to start visits or connect with the most compatible candidates. Make better decisions faster and find your perfect match in no-time!
Don't miss out. Maximize your odds.

Contact the right person sooner!

Whether you're selling/renting a property or searching for a home, connects you with the right person faster. Our unique matching process complements traditional real estate tools. No matter what happens, it's a win-win situation.

we do things better

One match is all it takes... If it's the right one!

In the real estate industry, making important decisions about renting, buying, or selling a property can be emotionally challenging. Frustration is growing due to the lack of innovative real estate tools. However, creating yet another new listing portal won’t solve the underlying issue.

What we need is a fresh perspective that is efficient and well-connected. At the core of every transaction, we seek the perfect match of the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Just one ideal match can turn a transaction into reality. This is the essence of!